The year 2000 marked the start of an exciting and rewarding

At 19 years old, I began in New Home Real Estate sales. I

had the privilege of working for some of the biggest names in the
industry.…..John Lang Homes, Brookfield Homes, and Shea Homes to name a few.
This was a amazing stepping stone that lead to 9 years in Real Estate
financing. Achieving “Rookie Of The Year" at WORLD SAVINGS HOME LOANS was
the first of many awards to follow as aTop Producer. In 2011, on Christmas Eve,
God dealt me a sweet card. My dad was sucked off a cliff. He was helicoptered
to SCRIPTS Hospital in attempts to save his life. I would NOT leave his side.
In his recovery room, he looked at me and said "I made it! We're going to
be partners now."

And at that moment, THE RYAN FATHER DAUGHTER TEAM was born!

Working with my dad has been nothing short of amazing! With

our combined energy and expertise, we have been able to facilitate each
individual situation. My dad started out selling real estate in the Huntington
Beach area then quickly found a great liking to South County where we lived in
Nellie Gail Ranch for many years. He focused on Laguna Hills, Lake Forest,
Mission Viejo, Laguna Niguel and surrounding areas. Coming from the same DNA, I
have proven that the apple really doesn't fall far from the tree as I follow in
my dad’s footsteps. My dad has set records and earned countless awards since “1979"
for Top Volume Producer. He has earned the respect from over 1,200 past clients
and his manager, Mark Kojac. Mark opened the Dana Point office in 1989 for
FIRST TEAM. That same year his office was the top selling office in the Board
of Realtors! Mark continued his drive ranking #1 manager out of 45 FIRST TEAM
REAL ESTATE offices for the past 15 consecutive years in sales volume and
number of sales transaction.

We are always working and on stand-by with our phones by

our side. I enjoy snowboarding and volunteering weekly at a local children's
hospital with my dog, Keki. Nothing gets my heart more than to see my dog
distract the kids from their pain for a moment, comforting them through a scary
procedure or watching a child fall asleep with a certain peace about them
because my Keki is in their arms. And when my dad is not closing a deal or
showing houses, He very much enjoys deep sea fishing and flying his paraglider,
hang glider or his newest addition to the sky, his ultralight trike plane. I
guess all those years of adrenaline serving in the US NAVY stayed Thriving in


Why FIRST TEAM REAL ESTATE? Because no other real estate company raises the bar on how your home should be marketed and how a buyer should be represented. 

Selecting FIRST TEAM and THE RYAN FATHER DAUGHTER TEAM to represent you, gives you maximum exposure to get what you want in the least amount of time.  

Our relationships extend with LUXURY PORTFOLIO INTERNATIONAL, the world's top
luxury destination website and CHRISTIE'S INTERNATIONAL, our most recent
partner; the luxury real estate arm of CHRISTIE'S fine art auction house for multi-million dollar homes.

We represent real estate sales across California. San Diego, Ventura, Los Angeles,
Riverside, and San Bernardino “Big River" (Resort waterfront property), while
living and specializing in Orange County. 


My dad, Bob Ryan, and I are proud to include you in our exciting partnership in Real Estate! 
Together, we poses over 55 years in Real Estate experience!
“We can’t wait to meet you!"

From The Desert To The Sea.............  


FIRST TEAM REAL ESTATE #1 in Orange County Home Sales
Voted Orange County's Best Real Estate Company 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014

Our Testimonials are our true "Awards"!

We thrive on making people happy and scoring the "Best Deals" for our clients.

There are a million agents out there that would love to take your
listing and they have a BRE (real estate license number) to allow them to do so
and collect a handsome commission at the end!

Real Estate is not as easy as taking signatures and coasting. You
don't want a agent who sits back and hold a Open House or two in order show
good faith that he/she is "working". 

You want a agent that is EXCITED about selling and that loves this
business and most important, you want a agent who works FULL TIME in real
estate. Think about this. The most trivial tasks to become successful is answer
your phone or emails and "Follow-Up"! Being a successful real estate
agent does not mean you get to have set hours and turn off your phone at a
certain hour every day. My mom always told me "Blessed are the
flexible" and "Work Hard when the work is in front of you because you
never know when it will slip away!" My choice is not to be a mediocre
agent that get by in life. I have Big Dreams and I don't do things half way! I
think my attention to detail and my sincerity to understand my clients keeps me
happy and in turn, successful.  


The Real question you need to ask me is... How am I going to get
you the "Most Money" in the "Shortest Amount of Time" with
the "LOWEST CHANCE" of that buyer Not backing out after you are in


If you are a buyer, you need someone to fight for you and Win!

Someone who wants and cares for your best and who has the experience to foresee

a good property from a bad. You work hard for your money or someone cared
enough to give you a gift to make this step. This is not just a home it is a
investment and the right investment sometimes takes time to find.